The Best National Parks in Utah

A Thorough Guide to the Best National Parks In Utah

Your visit to Utah is incomplete without exploring the beauty of top National Parks in the US. A thousand acres of land is filled with beautiful national centuries that will be a mesmerizing experience for a traveler. Although there are many national parks, here we will cover the top 5 Best National Parks in Utah that you must visit on your trip. So, let’s start the journey to explore the places. 

Top 5 National Parks in Utah:

Arches National Park

Arches National Park: Largest Collection of Natural Arches

It is located outside Moab and covers 2000+ acres. The place is visited by millions of people every year, and they hike around the landscape with fun and enthusiasm. You should spend an entire 3-4 days visit to explore the national park. Start your journey from the middle region on the first day. There you will get a chance to explore many arches and have fun while hiking.

The most famous arch of the middle region is the delicate arch. After spending the first day, move forward to the upper region on the second day. Exploring Devil’s garden, Pine Tree Arch, and Wall Arch will be an addition to the journey. Moving forward to the third and fourth day, you will be experiencing lower region and nearer arches of the national park. Near to the lower region, the main entrance is located, which is a not to miss place for any visitor.

The beauty of Petrified Dunes Viewpoint is explored in the lower region. And, ending your journey after exploring the Corona, Bowtie, and Pinto Arch will be the best visit to the place. Wear hiking shoes before entering this national park if you want to enjoy comfortably. 

jagged rocks in Bryce canyon utah

Bryce Canyon National Park: Perfect Place for Recreation

The best place for recreation and to relax between beautiful landscape is Bryce Canyon in Utah. A 4 to 5 days visit is perfect for exploring the place thoroughly. Wake up early in the morning to explore the beauty of the picturesque sunrise. It could be the most relaxing start of the journey. You can visit Inspiration, Bryce, Sunrise, or Sunset Point to explore the beauty of sunrise and the colorful effects in the sky.

On day 2, one should explore the most famous trails that is: Navajo Loop Trails and Queen Garden. It will be the most pleasing experience while trekking on the trails for adventure travelers. Bryce Canyon Rim Trail will be in the itinerary of the 3rd day, which is known as the longest park in the national century covering 10.7 miles. 2-3 hours of the hike will give you a chance to explore many things in and out.

After exploring the iconic views of hoodoos in the first 3 days, you should spend the last 2 days exploring the rim trail. Here, you can see various wildlife with many species of squirrels, deer, and many other animals. You can visit the place round the year and explore more and more to the fullest. May till September is the perfect time to explore as the weather is most pleasant in those months.

Zion national park

Zion National Park: Best Place for Hiking & Nature Leisure

There are many things you can do in the park and spend some days. 2000 feet high red rock cliffs with some natural landmarks like angel’s landing, Kolob Arch, and virgin rivers. 

Start your journey with climbing on Angels Landing, and then sit on the shuttle bus to move forward to The Grotto. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Scout Lookout Viewpoint. It will take 5-6 hours to complete the journey above the mountains.

On the second day, reserve a day for hiking and enjoy the journey with friends. Get proper guidance from coaches and take all the safety material with you. It’s a 16-mile journey, and you can also visit Sinawava Temple on the second day on the way back from a hike. The following two days are reserved for the west rim trail, a complete 8-12 hours journey. This hike covers complete travel of the park, and you will get a chance to explore all places together easily. A complete planned itinerary for exploring zion national park is necessary to enjoy the visit. You can also enjoy the fun of the overnight camp fire. More early you visit, the less crowd will be found to start the journey


4. Canyonlands National Park: Most Scenic National Park in Utah

If you have planned a few days in your itinerary of USA visit then must try canyonlands “Island in the Sky” to make your journey full of adventure and scenic view.  The best viewpoints during your drive are Grand View and Buck Canyon Overlook, along with Green River and the White Rim. Here you can click a few picks on major beautiful points. 

Move forward to “The Needle”, a less visited place in Canyonlands, and you can visit here via highway. Here you can see towering sandstones with resembling needles.

The maze section of the park is another adventurous part of the journey. Off-road hiking is another adventurous journey with friends. You can make the travel unforgettable after visiting this most scenic national park. You should also check the reviews of scenic places inside the park. Checking visitor reviews will help finalize the final itinerary. 2 or 3 days are enough to explore the national park to the fullest. Camping could be a part of the journey too

arches in utah

Capitol Reef National Park: Explore Rugged Landscape with Thrill

The best time to visit the capitol national park is an utterly cloudy day with windy weather. There you can enjoy the beautiful and colorful scenic weather with red and orange rocks. Impressive landscape and erosion of layers could explore thoroughly.

You should visit unique destinations like Hickman bridge, Cassidy arch, rim trail, sunset trails, and many more. The sunset points inside the park are imposing and outside to view. You can see the points from height after 5 pm every day and mostly on cloudy days the look is more attractive. You must take their sun glasses and hat while exploring this national park with your friends. There you can enjoy a lot of leisure activities and eat fresh fruits from orchards.

One day of travel is enough to explore this national park. Here not a lot of things are available, but yes you can enjoy the best scenic views. Fruita historic district is a famous building to enjoy the delicious fruits and delicacies at the place. 


What are the Big 5 national parks in Utah?

The best 5 national parks in Utah are Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef National Park. You can spend 2-3 or a maximum of 5 days in each national park. All the mentioned names are famous for different adventures like scenic views, hiking, climbing, trekking, camping, and many more. 

What is the most visited national park in Utah?

Zion national park is the most visited park in the United States in the past few years. It is the perfect place for nature leisure and explores flora and fauna. You can also get the best hiking experience with the proper guidance of security personnel.

Is Arches or Zion better?

Arches is better to visit if you are a true adventure traveler. There you will get the best things to cover and see the real face of flora and fauna. The wildlife is extensive in the national park. But, if you want to travel with kids, then Zion is a better option. Zion is easy to reach and simple to travel with lots of nature leisure. 

Is Bryce Canyon or Zion better?

Both Zion and Bryce Canyon are famous for outdoor activities. But if we compare both, then Zion is better than Bryce. The best hiking experience is available in Zion national park. Reviewing sandstones and angel’s landing would be a significant part of the journey.

Explore everything to the Fullest:

So, here we have discussed the top 5 national parks and how amazing you can explore them. On the visit of the United States, national parks exploring is the most promising thing of the journey. I hope the provided ideas to explore all the parks are helpful for you. If you have plenty of time, then cover all the national parks in 10-15 days. Otherwise, you can cover any of the 2 or 3 national parks. 

Each park covers almost 1000-2000 acres of area. You can read the reviews of visitors and then plan the most promising parts of each park to visit. You can use a car to access all of the parks. It gives ease of travel and you can also explore many other points in between. So, fix your travel itinerary hit the trail. 

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