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Best Restaurants in Tulum – Deliciously Irresistible

Tulum is becoming a popular foodie destination in Mexico thanks to all the restaurants you’ll discover. Tourists from all over the world visit Tulum, so you’ll find international cuisine options to cater to the visitors.

Tulum has lots of unique restaurants in Tulum town or the beach – everywhere you go will have a different vibe. Whether you’re looking for a nice spot on the beach, rooftop restaurants, or a place for a romantic date, we’ll check out the best restaurants in Tulum.

best beach restaurant
Best restaurant in Tulum


Tulum Beach is one of the most popular areas to stay and play in Tulum. Take a drive along Carretera Tulum Boca Paila to discover some of the best restaurants on the beach strip. You can go from the beach to dining within minutes. Not to mention the fantastic views of the ocean while enjoying your meal. If you’re planning to hit the beach, make sure you know the best time to visit Tulum.

The best Tulum restaurants on the beach are:

  • Arca
  • La Popular (Nômade)
  • Ziggy’s

You’ll hear a lot of people talking about Arca because of its prime location on Tulum Beach near Zona Hotelera. It’s a unique beachfront restaurant that creates an intimate jungle atmosphere as soon as you arrive. The open-air atmosphere is perfect for enjoying the Tulum beach vibes. Arca has a creative menu with lots of delicious seafood options. Order some fish tacos, sea urchin ceviche, grilled octopus, and more. It specializes in small plates to order lots of dishes to share with the table. Keep in mind that it’s cash only and doesn’t open until 6 pm.

beach front restaurant in tulum
Beach front best restaurants in Tulum

La Popular is located inside the Nômade hotel. It’s the hotel’s premier beachfront restaurant and a favorite for tourists. You’ll find some tasty grilled seafood dishes with your feet right in the sand. You’ll have the shade from palm trees and a soothing ambiance from crashing waves and live music.

Ziggy’s is one of the best places to dine right on Tulum Beach. It also has open-air dining space under a hut. The great thing about dining at Ziggy’s is the exclusive access to Ziggy Beach. You can order your food delivered from the kitchen table to your beach chair. Ziggy’s is known for serving authentic dishes from Mexico. It’s open from breakfast to dinner, and the menu always has fresh seafood available. You can’t go wrong with a smoothie bowl in the morning and a Ziggy burger at night. And the signature cocktails are a must-try!

Rooftop Restaurants

Tulum is a scenic destination in both Tulum Centro and on the beach. One of the best ways to appreciate the local beauty is by dining at a rooftop restaurant. Several restaurants create the perfect outdoor ambiance with great views. And not to mention mouthwatering dishes!

The best rooftop restaurants in Tulum to check out are:

  • Mamasan
  • Batey Mojito

Mamasan is one of the top-rated restaurants in Tulum. Ask for seating in the trendy outdoor dining space on the rooftop. It’s located on the beach, so you’ll get to see a peek at the sea over the treetops. Mamasan specializes in traditional foods from Mexico and seafood. It also has a vegan menu available. Everything is cooked with organic ingredients. Order the coconut rolls, personalize your goji bowl, or ask about the catch of the day.

Batey Mojito is a great place to drink and party. You’ll find the restaurant in Tulum Town that features a lovely rooftop dining space. You can pair one of the signature cocktails with fish tacos to start a great night. Come during happy hour to order lots of small finger foods to accompany your drink.

best vegan restaurants in tulum


Don’t worry about breaking your diet because you’ll find lots of Tulum restaurants for vegan and vegetarian meals. Tulum is a very spiritual destination that puts a lot of effort into being eco-friendly and sustainable. You can see a complete guide of the best vegan restaurants in Tulum, but some of the top picks are:

  • Macondo (Nômade)
  • Co.ConAmor

You’ll find Macondo inside of the Nômade Hotel. The hotel focuses on well-being, so it’s the ideal place for this incredible vegan restaurant. Drop in for lunch or dinner for menu favorites like fish, burgers, and smoothie bowls. Every dish has a full flavor that you’ll hardly believe is vegan. Even the décor at Macondo is sustainable. It has a lot of natural furniture and handicraft details in the open-air dining space.

Co.ConAmor is located in Tulum Town. The restaurant is tucked away in one of the local streets, but the food awaiting you is well worth it to visit. It has outdoor seating in a tranquil garden. The entire menu features homemade vegan creations that add a twist to your everyday favorites like avocado toast. You can have everything from enchiladas and tacos to burgers and pasta – all vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Don’t forget to try one of the refreshing smoothies and juices.

fine dining in tulum

Fine Dining

If you need a break from the party vibes in Tulum, put on your nicest outfit and head to one of the fine-dining restaurants. Tulum has excellent options to taste the best local flavors. The town center has some great restaurants. The fine-dining restaurants with the best food in Tulum are:

  • Philosophy (Casa Malca)
  • Taboo Tulum
  • RosaNegra

Philosophy is one of three restaurants located inside the four-star Casa Malca hotel. It’s the most upscale restaurant on the property, where you’ll enjoy food from local ingredients. The entire menu is chef-prepared. It specializes in fresh seafood, local cuisine from Mexico, and international dishes. Beautiful beach views top off your incredible dining experience. It features locally inspired decorations and lots of art for an upscale atmosphere.

Taboo Tulum is one of the most popular restaurants where you can have fine dining mixed with a fun atmosphere. Make reservations for a poolside table or enjoy in the dining hall. It can even accommodate large groups. The menu is full of delicious seafood and Mediterranean dishes. Try some of the top meats like squid, muscles, and lamb. On the weekends, you’ll find a big crowd at the restaurant. You can grab some cocktails after your meal and join in on the fun.

RosaNegra is a fine dining restaurant in Zona Hotelera offering a taste of Latin America. The menu consists of cuisine from Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and more. You can also find seafood dishes like spicy octopus and seafood rice. RosaNegra is a bit pricey compared to other local restaurants, but the food and ambiance make it worth it. It also accepts credit cards. And visit on the weekends for a drink to enjoy a party atmosphere at night.

Nacho dinner in Tulum


Lots of couples travel to Tulum seeking a romantic getaway. If you came with your partner or met someone special while enjoying the nightlife, take the next step and plan out a romantic dinner at one of these restaurants:

  • El Asadero
  • Nao

El Asadero is an excellent option for a romantic restaurant in Tulum. Be sure to make reservations before coming to guarantee seating. Cooks prepare specially ordered grilled meats, and you’ll have a delectable dessert menu. It also offers local craft beer and a wine list. Aside from the great food, El Asadero has a laid-back atmosphere with soft lighting and live music to create a romantic space to enjoy.

Tulum has many international restaurants. Nao is the best Japanese restaurant in Tulum. It’s an excellent destination if you’re planning out a romantic date night. It’s open for lunch and dinner and specializes in Japanese fusion dishes. Order your favorite sushi or other dishes for a satisfying meal with authentic flavor. The upscale dining mixed with a laidback atmosphere makes your entire dinner an experience. After eating, you can sit back and enjoy the soothing music.

You’re sure to spend a lot of time dining out during your visit to Tulum. With so many great restaurants, you’ll never run out of options. Make sure to try out the best places on the beach strip and Tulum Centro to see who has the best food. If you happen to stop by one of these recommendations, let me know in the comments your favorite and what you ordered!

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