the best time to visit tulum

The Best Time to Visit Tulum

If you’ve seen the incredible photos of Tulum shared on social media lately, you’re probably considering adding it to your bucket list. Tulum is among the top places to visit in Mexico and attracting travelers from all around the world. And if you’re a vegan, you’ll be in paradise.

Before rushing to book your flight to the nearby Cancun Airport, you should first think about when is the best time to visit Tulum. The sunny days, clear waters, and white sand beaches don’t happen all year long (although it’s very frequent!). 

In this guide, you’ll learn about the best time to visit Tulum and what to expect during each season. By the end of the article, you’ll know exactly when to plan your trip. Once you know when you want to go, check out the best area to stay in Tulum.

Best Time to Visit Tulum

The best time to visit Tulum is during the winter. Every season has its pros and cons for visiting the destination. One thing I’m thankful for is that the food is good year round. Overall, the winter season has more favorable factors that make it the favorite travel time.

In the winter, the weather is the nicest for enjoying the local beaches, cenotes, and Tulum ruins. Since it’s the most popular travel time, there are much larger tourist crowds and higher rates for travel and accommodation.

The summer has the hottest weather and water temperatures, but it’s also hurricane season, where there is a higher chance of rain. The benefit to traveling during the summer is that it’s the low season, so prices are much more affordable, and there are fewer tourist crowds. 

Let’s take a look more in-depth at visiting Tulum during the different seasons.

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Visiting Tulum in the Winter

If you’re planning a trip to Tulum, winter is the best season to visit. It’s the perfect wintertime getaway destination where you’ll get to enjoy the best weather. Tulum is one of Mexico’s top travel destinations. You’ll find the largest crowds during the season.

Winter in Tulum is from December to February. They are the best months for ideal weather regardless of the time of day. Every day has an average high temperature in the low 80s. At night and in the morning has an average temperature of approximately 70°F. It’s the coldest months out of the year, but it’s perfect for vacation, especially if you’re escaping the cold north.

All of the seasonal activities are open during the winter. You’ll be able to take advantage of the best that Tulum has to offer. Spend your days relaxing on the beach with a cold drink or walk around Downtown Tulum.

Many exciting events happen in Tulum during the winter that you don’t want to miss. Celebrate New Years’ on Tulum beach at one of the popular beach clubs or party in the cenote caves for a unique experience. You’ll find several music festivals happening. The famous Zamna Festival is a week-long EDM jungle party hosted annually.

Visiting Tulum in the Spring

Spring in Tulum is one of the transitional seasons between the cool winter and hot summer. It’s also a shift between the busier travel time earlier in the season and the upcoming rainy season during the summer.

Spring runs from March to May in Tulum. If you’re planning to visit during the spring, the earlier in the season, the better. Temperatures start to rise, especially in May, and you’ll definitely sweat a lot more while walking around the Tulum town center. March and April have great weather with cool breezes coming from the ocean and slightly warmer water temperatures than the winter. There are a lot of outdoor restaurants so spring is a great time to visit.

One thing to be aware of during the spring is the sargassum. Sargassum is when lots of seaweed washes up on the shore. It definitely can change the picturesque beaches to a less favorable condition if you’re expecting pristine conditions.

Springtime is still a popular time to visit Tulum. Spring Break is when you can expect a large crowd of college kids on the beaches with lots of beach parties, live music, and more. Also, Cinco de Mayo is another popular travel time when there are more parties than you can imagine. And make sure to check out the best cenotes in Tulum, so you can properly plan your trip.

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Visiting Tulum in the Summer

Although the summer has the hottest months, in Tulum, it’s considered the low season. You can still look forward to the hot, sunny days during your visit, but be prepared for some unexpected weather changes.

Summer is Tulum lasts from June to August. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the hurricane season starts in June. While the earlier months might not have as much harsh weather, later in the season can bring lots of storms.

If you’re checking weather reports before booking your trip to Tulum in the summer, you might be turned off by seeing so many rainy days. The reality during your visit will be much different. It typically only rains for a brief period every day. You’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the local attractions.

A highlight to visiting Tulum in the summer is the warm water. You’ll spend lots of time at the beach, and the Caribbean Sea has temperatures in the high 80s. It’s perfect for going for a swim to cool off from the hot weather.

Since the summer is the low travel season, some of the seasonal activities might be closed for a couple of weeks. Plan out your itinerary before you arrive to make sure you’ll be able to do everything you want.

Visiting Tulum in the Fall

The fall is the least popular time to visit Tulum. Fall lasts from September to November. Although the weather remains warm, it’s during the peak of the hurricane season. You won’t see too many tourists visiting during these months.

September and October have the worst weather in Tulum. Unlike the summer, the rain showers last a lot longer during these months and occur more frequently. It’s best to listen to the advice of travel advisories in case of an incoming tropical storm.

Due to the incremental weather, many of the local businesses are closed temporarily for a few weeks. Tulum thrives on tourism and the low season means less business for the locals.

When you’re visiting Tulum, you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, and the rainy weather will surely keep you off of the beach. All hope isn’t lost, however.

If you’re willing to take a chance, Tulum will feel like an exclusive vacation spot during the fall. With fewer tourist crowds, you’ll have the beach all to yourself! You’ll also get to experience some of the best local festivals – Dia de Los Muertos Festival and the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival. 

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What to Expect During the Peak Travel Season in Tulum?

The peak travel season in Tulum is during the winter between December and February. If you’re already convinced that you want to visit during these months, you might be wondering what to expect.

The winter is the best time to enjoy outdoor activities like hanging out at the beach clubs on Tulum or Akumal Beach. Also visiting Gran Cenote or Dos Ojos Cenote, each just a few minute drive away. It’s also an excellent time to hire a car for a day trip outside of town to the nearby water attractions like the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve Playa Del Carmen. Or Mayan Ruins like Chichen Itza or Coba Ruins.

There are lots of tour companies that help fill up your itinerary with the best things to do in Tulum.

The downside to the peak travel season is having the small town filled with too many tourists. You’re not the only one planning your dream trip to Tulum, so you’ll have to make reservations early to book your ideal hotel. Many of the tours can also be crowded. 

You’ll need to plan out your day to get the best experiences. For example, a pro tip is to arrive early at the cenotes to beat the crowds.

What to Expect During the Low Travel Season in Tulum?

The low travel season in Tulum is during the summer. You might be planning out a summer vacation destination, but most people avoid Tulum because of the rainy season. It’s not to say that it’s a bad time to visit because there are still a few perks to visiting during the summer.

The low travel season means you’ll get to enjoy a more local atmosphere in Tulum. With fewer crowds, you’ll frequently have the beaches and cenotes to yourself. You might have to do many more self-guided activities and planning due to inactivity from tour companies, shops, and restaurants for a few weeks. One of the highlight summertime activities is seeing whale sharks.

One of the best parts about visiting Tulum during the summer is the low prices. Airfare and accommodations are always much cheaper during the summer. Aside from the peak hurricane period in October, chances are you’ll still have lots of sun during the day to enjoy the destination, so it’s definitely worth it.

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How Long to Stay in Tulum?

By now, you probably have an idea of when you want to visit Tulum. The only thing to decide now is how long you’ll stay in Tulum. Your trip duration will most likely depend on what season you’re visiting. There are a few things to consider for maximizing your trip.

Traveling in the winter is the most popular time, but it’s also the most expensive. Since everything is open and easy to find tours, you can accomplish much more in a short amount of time. A long weekend of 3-4 days is typically a good amount of time to visit Tulum during the winter.

During the summer, you have to consider the low travel season and the chance of rain every day. Some days might be hot and sunny, while the next is storming most of the time. There is a chance that activities get rained out or closed due to rough water conditions. Give yourself 5-7 days when traveling during the summer in case you have to change your plans. 

Since the prices are lower during the summer, your budget can stay around the same for either season.

There are several factors to consider when the best time to visit Tulum is. Weather, tourist crowds, local events, prices, and more are things to think about before making reservations. 

In a place like Tulum, you can always find a reason to visit at any time of the year. Choose your ideal season and get ready to experience the best destination on the Yucatan Peninsula!

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